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Myo 360

Introducing Myo 360™ – our signature myofunctional therapy method! Myo 360™ offers a comprehensive approach to addressing the root causes of oral dysfunction, combining therapy, sleep coaching, and real-world breathing techniques for lasting results. Sleep and breathe deep with Myofunctional Pathways

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Welcome to Myofunctional Pathways!

Myofunctional therapy is a program of exercises that targets the muscles around the mouth, tongue, and face to improve breathing, eating, and talking.The therapy involves teaching people how to engage the muscles in the correct position. 

Myofunctional Therapy:

  • Targets muscles: It focuses on exercises for the muscles around the mouth, tongue, and face.

  • Improves functions: retraining these muscles aims to improve breathing, sleeping, snoring, upper airway strength, orthodontic results, headaches, neck and other facial issues, clenching and grinding of teeth, eating, and talking.

  • Helps with sleep issues: Myofunctional therapy can also be beneficial adjunct support for people with sleep-disordered breathing.

  • Re-educates muscles: The therapy process involves teaching people how to properly use these muscles. 


Myofunctional Pathways LLC is dedicated to helping clients improve their overall quality of life through tailored  services. Our services are designed to provide desired outcomes and we stay with you until your goals are met.


Through extensive training, we provide top notch myofunctional therapy, sleep coaching, and breathing services. We are committed to providing the highest quality care to each of our clients and keeping them informed throughout their treatment journey, ensuring that they understand their treatment plan and communicating with other providers on their behalf while collaborating care. Transform your health today with our sustainable and healthy habits!


Sleep Quality


Facial Pain and Dental Issues

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Orthodontic Support


Tongue Tie

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Children Age 4+

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Breathing Issues

What Do Our Clients Say?

"He is sleeping better and has not been wetting the bed. His facial features and physical demeanor appear more relaxed and his frustration has not been as explosive."

Mom of a 10 year old boy experiencing sleep disturbances and ADHD.

 Myofunctional Pathways, LLC
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