What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional Therapy is a targeted exercise sequence focusing on the muscles of the face, neck, throat and mouth to achieve or restore optimal functional use. 

Myofunctional Therapy can help to restore normal oral rest posture and function. When this restoration is achieved with optimal structural function, many conditions can be improved or in some cases, resolved. We work together with other medical professionals to achieve the most optimal result for your health. Sometimes, a visit to the ENT, Airway Dentist or Orthodontist Expansion Provider, Tongue Tie Release Provider, Body Worker, Speech Language Pathologist or other professional is needed. Myofunctional Therapists are one part of the interdisciplinary team needed to aid in your success. Myofunctional Therapy can have a tremendous benefit for those who experience a wide range of conditions, especially combined with other modalities. These are just some of the conditions that can be helped with a neuromuscular myofunctional program:

*TMJ, Clenching and Grinding

*Jaw discomfort or limited opening

*Gum disease

*Retractive Orthodontics or Current Orthodontic patient

*Restricted/Tongue tied

*Tongue thrusting/Open bite

*Forward head posture, Neck or shoulder pain

*Open mouth with breathing or sleeping, Dry mouth

*Sleep apnea/snoring, poor sleep quality

*Daytime sleepiness, frequent yawning or sighing

*Difficulty with chewing or swallowing

*Allergies, sinus infections, chronic nasal congestion

*Enlarged Tonsils

*Frequent Ear Infections

*Speech difficulties or Delay

*Anxiety, stress, ADHD

*Sucking Fingers, Objects or Biting Nails


*Acid Reflux, Gerd




Myofunctional therapy is a targeted series of exercises and therapy of the tongue, mouth, lips and neck muscles to help optimize oral and upper airway functions. After a detailed evaluation, we customize a therapy protocol based on your specific treatment plan. 

If you have a restricted tongue and are considering a tongue tie release procedure, it is imperative to undergo pre and post procedural therapy to retain the best long term result. 


The Buteyko Breathing Method is recognized the world over! We help you to use your own breath and breathing style to control and improve many conditions. 

Asthma, COPD, stress, anxiety, allergies, high blood pressure, coughing, sleep disordered breathing, snoring, exercise endurance, sleep disturbances in children, poor school performance, bed wetting are often improved. The Buteyko method teaches you how to properly rest your tongue, breath through your nose and to reduce air volume with light breathing techniques. 

mouth breathing.jpg

Take a moment and pay attention to the position of your mouth. Are your lips slightly open? Do you feel air entering into your oral cavity? Do your shoulders rise and fall with your breath? When we think of a "mouth breather" a certain image probably comes to your mind. The truth is, if you really pay attention to the posture and position of your mouth, I bet that it is open much more than you realize. The nose is the only organ designed to intake air, warm it, filter it and deliver it to the lungs. The mouth is not designed to be a breathing organ.


Myofunctional Services

4-5 weekly session.

Individual therapy or small group

sessions. Buteyko focuses on slow and reduced breathing only through the nose with correct tongue posture. Appropriate for age 5 and older. During our sessions, we will walk and count steps. Virtual or In-person for local clients. Results vary.

Case specific 

We want all of our clients to experience an impressive level of wellness when they complete their Myofunctional Program. All of our services exist to provide you with the necessary professional referral services that may lead you to your health goals. Myofunctional Therapy does not exist on its own. We cannot succeed without the help of other professionals who have your goals in mind. Every Myofunctional Therapy program is individualized based on your unique anatomy and structural composition. Results vary.

Thumb sucking or other non-nutritive sucking patterns

nail biting.jpg

Typically 4-5 weeks, a Habit Elimination program aims to eliminate habits such as finger/digit sucking, extended pacifier use, nail biting, and sucking or chewing on hair or clothing. Results vary.

Geared towards children ages 4-6, based on ability and goals

Designed for younger children, we aim to improve nasal breathing, lip seal, correct oral rest posture in a fun way. Results vary.


To implement lip seal and nasal breathing AT ALL TIMES, habituate correct tongue posture and improve chewing and swallowing functions. Myofunctional Therapy is designed to IMPROVE FUNCTION of the orofacial complex. Sometimes, structure can inhibit function. In these cases, we'll refer to the appropriate professional.

Fees are dependent on individualized circumstances. A full Myofunctional Therapy Evaluation is required to determine your goals, expectations and therapy outline.

Results will vary and are not guaranteed. 

Evaluation fee:  $200 and includes 60-90 minute appointment and detailed reports for your records. Virtual clients will need to submit photos prior to the evaluation. A photo template will be provided. 


Myofunctional Pathways

My name is Becca Rose and I am a Myofunctional Therapist, Certified Buteyko Breathing Instructor and Registered Dental Hygienist. Myofunctional Pathways is dedicated and motivated to deliver exceptional Myofunctional and Breathing Re-education services to clients of all ages. 

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